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Welcome to our website. My name is Cody Church, I am founder and CEO of Emma Creek Gun Works, LLC.  I started this business as a home school project and it has become my livelihood and my passion!

I am pictured here, standing by the 12 spindle carver doing a run of Mauser Varminters Stocks.
Please have a look around.  We have several Videos, pictures and information concerning what we do her at ECGW. As well as a complete line of custom made rifles, bench rifles, rifle stocks and barrels, all in a variety of calibers.

At Emma Creek Gunworks, we make the finest benchrest and hunting rifles. We have an inventory of barrells, in .6mm, .30Cal, 6.5mm, .22Cal, .338Cal., all in (HV) contours to name a few.  Our barrel maker is Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels.  We also have an inventory of reamer in 6PPC (.270 neck), .30BR, 6BR, .22BR, 6.5mm-300SAUM, 6mm-300SAUM, .270 WBY, .300 Rem ultra mag Ackely improved, .7mm Rem ultra mag Ackely Improved, .7mmBR, .338 Laupa, 6.5-47 Lapua, .243 win, .220 Swift Ackely Improved, .20BR, and .358 Win to name a few.  We have approximately 7,000 blank stocks as well as exotic woods.  Our reamers are from Pacific Tool & Gauge.

While you are here you will be seeing a lot of custom benchrest rifles, as well as custom hunting rifles.  We hope you will enjoy our site on a nice cold winter evening, reading our upcoming winter hunting stories and also looking at our gunstock gallery.  These are own manufactured rifles that we have, plus our prairie dog huntin article.

Our goal is to give you and insight on our updates, including the winter projects and what we do all season long.  We will have plenty of gunstock carving as well as benchrest rifles in the works.  We have shown some glass bedding/inletting and gunstock finishing tips.  We thought it would be great to show what goes on in making a custom rifle.  We are getting a lot of inquires about finishing a gunstock so thought this might answer some questions.  For those of you interested in the ammo that we use, there will be articles that will tickle your fancy as well.

Emma Creek Gun Works

Sedgwick, KS   67135

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