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What's News?

Prairie Dog Hunt - 2012

This is our mile Bench Rifle chambered in .7mm RUMAckley.  The heart of this benchrifle is a trued Remington model 700 action with another Lilja barrel.  It rides in one of our EmmaCreek benchrest stocks. Enlarge Picture

This was our 2012 Prairie dog hunt in Hooker, OK.  The first day of our hunt I killed my very first Prairie dog with our .220SwiftAckley.  It is built on a Mauser 98 Hasqvarnna action with a Lilja barrel.  Our barrel contour is a HV and the Twist is a 1:9 that we can shoot.  It has the Sierra 69gr MatchKings in it.  The rifle is a tack - Driver.  It has an Emma Creek T/H stock.  On the .220 SwiftAckley we mounted a Leupoled 32x power scope.  It's sure a good scope for huntin prairie dogs.  And just think, if only we had the .22PPC & .20PPC done, I bet those two chamberings would be a prairie dog killin machine or those 6mmBR-DX's or 6mmBRX would be great too.  OK, back to the article.  Continue reading...

Glass Bedding
The Emma Creek way!!

This article is the Emma Creek way of Glass-bedding a gunstock and the finishing process as well.  Our company hails from the U.S.A.  First today I will be using one of our customers rifle stock for an example.  After we have carved it and pre-inlet it in our carver we then move on over to start the milling operation process.  Continue reading...

Enlarge Picture

Fly Hunt / Target shooting

One day when we were target practicing, my dad shot first.  He was trying to sight our 6mmPPC benchrest rifle back in at 100 yards.  All of a sudden he spotted a fly on his target, he quickly chambered another round in then he put the cross-hair's on the Tasco 50x power custom shop scope right on the fly and pulled the trigger, the fly was history!  We use 65gr Berger bullets out of our Lilja 3 - groove barrel that fish out at 26" for our 6mmPPC, our barrel twist Is 1:14 twist.  We shoot 65gr Berger bullets and we shoot a blistering 3,350fps with the 65gr our action on are 6mmPPC is a Stiller Diamendback drop - port RPDP (Right Port Drop - port) with one of our Match Benchrest stocks on it with tiger maple wood.  This is a first fly kill @ 100 yards and it is a confirm kill with our 6mmPPC bench rest rifle.

Enlarge Picture

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