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CLICK HERE to read about our new 6mm Dasher project!

This is an EmmaCreek .300 Rum Ackley Improved hunting rifle with a .339 tight neck. The heart of this rifle is a trued up Remington Model 700 pillar glass bedded in one of our EmmaCreek T/H stocks.  The barrel is a Lilja barrel with a 1:10 twist with one of our custom muzzle brakes.  The scope is a Leupoled 36x power scope mounted on 20MOA base.  The bolt is a one piece PTG, which has been lapped for a precision fit.  Priced at $4500.00.

This is our 6BR chambered on a L579 Sako action.  The wood stock is an english classic style stock.  Got to love those classics with the pom - swells on it.  Weaver scope, and the barrel is a Lilja, a Remington style contour.  The EmmaCreek Debate on the 6BR is, I think, the ideal varmint & BenchRest round. Ideal for Hunting crows especially from 100 to 400 yards.  For coyotes, we shoot 65gr Berger bullets in our 6BR.

I am pictured here holding our .22BR (BenchRest Rifle).  The heart of this BenchRest Rfle is a trued up Remington Model 700 action, with a Lilja barrel.  Our barrel contour is a HV.  We shoot Sierra 52gr Matchking bullets.  We like the small BR chambering, for example, the 6BR and the .22cal.  BR cal.'s like the .22BR & .22PPC.  The .20Cal, 20PPC, .20VarTarg, and the .30BR.

This is a Customer's rifle, that we had just finished. We used one of our quilted maple stocks and the style that was used was one of our Emma Creek roll-over varminter stocks.   CLICK HERE to Enlarge.

This is our 6mmPPC that we built recently.  The heart of this BenchRifle is a Stiller Diamondback right port Drop-Port with barrel twist 14.  It will shoot the Berger 65gr bullet as well.  Our contour is the BR contour with fluted finish out at 26" Lilja long.  It has one of our Match stock tiger stripe maple and walnut combo and our neck chamber is .270

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